Collection: Sculptural Candles

All sculptural candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, eco-cotton wicks, paraben & phthalates free fragrances and dyes. All these ingredients insure a non-toxic, safe and clean burn. Each candle is hand poured and made. Sculptural candles serve the main purpose of being used as decor, but are 100% safe to burn. If you chose to light your sculptural candle, please do so on a level surface, keeping in mind the wax will melt on to that surface. always light your candles out of reach from children and pets, and away from anything that could catch fire. Left over wax that has melted from your candle can be re-used and melted in a wax warmer, for maximum use.

(Note that the colour “Chocolate/Dark Brown” can stain depending on what surface it is lit on, if it’s not lit it will not stain.)